Appearing Saturday and Sunday

S. Clarke Hawbaker’s first professional interior comic book pages were for Continuity Comics, where he got a chance to work for one of his idols, Neal Adams. Neal contacted him while he was working for the Cedar Rapids Iowa Gazette which was quite a shock!

Although, Clarke’s realistic style is influenced by both, Neal Adams and Mike Grell, the biggest influence on his style was his college professor, Jack Mastrofski. Jack, a very talented artist himself, taught Clarke much about commercial art. It was during this time that Clarke decided he was interested in being a comic book artist.

Prior to Continuity, he had a chance to work with Gary Carlson (Big Idea Press) on Megaton which is his first printed work. Hawbaker went on to pencil for both Marvel, DC, Malibu, Caliber, and Lightning plus several other Independent publishers. He has done interiors, inks, and covers for various projects for more years than he is willing to admit. for a full list visit him at his booth. The book you may remember is Marvel’s Nomad.