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R.A. Jones was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he still resides, and has been a professional author, columnist and editor for more than 30 years.

His first published work was a short story that appeared in Chic magazine in the early 1980s. Shortly thereafter, he became the comic book review columnist for the popular fan magazine Amazing Heroes. It was for that role that he was voted Most Popular Writer About Comics in Comic Buyer’s Guide’s fan poll in 1985.

He briefly served as Executive Editor for Elite Comics before devoting himself full-time to freelance writing.

From the mid-1980s through the mid-1990s, he worked heavily in the comic book field; primarily for Malibu Comics. Under their various imprints, he wrote such series as Dark Wolf; Fist of God; Scimidar; Sinbad; Merlin; White Devil; The Protectors; Ferret; and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

His work for other publishers included Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor for Dark Horse; a Golden Age Green Lantern story for DC Comics’ Showcase ’95; Automaton and Bulletproof Monk for Image; and Wolverine/Captain America for Marvel.

All told, he has written more than 100 individual issues of various comics titles. In 2006, he was inducted into the Oklahoma Cartoonists’s Collection Hall of Fame.

He was a movie and television reviewer for the Oklahoma Eagle newspaper; and with Michael Vance wrote the comic book review column Suspended Animation.

He also assisted Vance in the writing of the non-fiction book Forbidden Adventures, which was a history of early comics publishing company the American Comics Group.

Bulletproof Monk, which he co-wrote, later served as the basis for a motion picture of the same name. Two short comics stories he wrote, entitled Cold, Hard Fact and Three on a Match, were filmed and presented as episodes of the French television series Metal Hurlant; these episodes later aired on the SyFy Channel in America.

His focus in recent years has been on prose, and he has written and co-written more than half a dozen novels. Among them are: The Equation (with Michael Vance); Global Star (with Vance and Mel Odom); and Motor City Manhunt (with Vance).

His solo novels include: Deathwalker; Gun Glory; The Steel Ring, The Twilight War and House of Souls, the latter three novels based on his comic book series, The Protectors. A second Western novel, Comanche Blood, joined Gun Glory in his western series, and Scimidar, based on his comic book series with the same title, is also now available.